Why I Don't
On Saddles and Bits


One of the most common questions I am asked is " Do you sell saddles and/or do you sell bits".

I've decided to answer this one rather then just in clinic venues, e-mails and through phone calls,  but to answer it here in a public statement on my web site so folks can have a better understanding of where I stand on this.

I do not sell or endorse any specific brand saddles or bits. I have been offered to have my own line of saddles and turned the offers down flat and have many folks trying to get me to sell bits for them. Of coarse I have favorites that have worked well for me through the years but it does not mean it will meet you or your horses same needs. I have many, many different brands and disciplines of saddle and bits as I work with a vast amount of different horses each year and need a variety for meet the needs of each horse for their best possible performance in what ever task I am asking.

The reason why for me is a matter of consciences, as an educator I owe you the best I can in helping you and you horses needs first and foremost, that before my own needs even to make a living. I chose this career due to my love and passion for horses and wanted folks to have the best possible success and experience as I have so we can share the discovery and passion together.

I enjoy helping the horseperson in teaching them to recognize saddle fit and proper bitting choices while directing one to possible products that will work in their specific individual situation. The individualism is why I do not feel I can endorse specific products in bits and saddles. We can put 5 TWH and/ or Quarter horses side by side and have 5 different fits in each breed. In a bitting situation this is much the same as each horse can have a very different mouth structures, also rider experience and horse experience must also be a factor when considering a bit choice.
 We need many different manufactures in both products to hopefully have the options we need to best fit an individual.
 IMO one manufacture has not yet been able to fit the needs all horses gaited or non-gaited.
I also do not make choices for horses due to their breed unless held by a rulebook regulation due to show requirements. I fit saddles and bits to the individual horse not as breed.
I will continue to do the best in my experience in guiding you to being able to make the proper choices in both products but again the final choice is always yours and I do not want folks using something just because I do, but because it will work for you and your horse.

Endorsing things such as lavender, a great rein, headstalls, britches, etc.  are not products that can bring possible harm to a horse in the wrong situation but in saddles and bits this can be possible when poor choice and /or application and use are evident.
I am in support of the Equine industry and all the wonderful products and services that are offered up in the true best interest of the horse and it's owners in hopes of bring all of us to the higher level as equestrians and care givers of the horse.

Elizabeth Graves
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