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Gaited Horse Structure as it relates to Gait

With Elizabeth Graves


This series addresses the topic many have been asking for.
It is an in-depth explanation of what inclines the variations of gaits and gait potential in all
breeds of our gaited horses. Information on what the different gaits are and characteristics
are of varying gaits with a variety of gaited breeds used as examples.
This is a helpful tool for understanding how to develop and support gait in the naturally
gaited horse through the training process. Also useful information in evaluating horses for
breeding programs and those in the market for purchasing a gaited horse. Contained in this
material is an abundance of help to understand what can influence proper gaits as well as
what can keep our horses from achieving them through equipment use and our physicals
aids. This series was not filmed in an "as it happens" clinic format as previously series. Some
segments will have some more than normal wind interference in sound due to unavoidable
weather conditions while filming.

Disclaimer: All contents of this DVD material are solely the opinion of Elizabeth Graves and are to be taken
as such. Use of information and applications specified on theses DVD's is done so at your own risk.

Each set contains 3 pieces of DVD disk's with approximately 45-55 minutes of
play times each.

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