Lee Ziegler

The Gift From A Teacher

It has been said that" The life we live now is part of our eternity, so don't waste a minute living it to it's fullest."
In knowing Lee this is certainly what she did in her journey of the horse. She discovered, experienced and shared
as much of her gained knowledge with all in which were on the same journey.
Lee Poured every spare moment she had honing her skills gained as a student, trainer, judge, clinician, teacher
and author. She found her purpose and dove into with a passion. Her work changed much in the   horse world,
breaking myths, advancing the quality of horsemanship while opening minds and hearts to the importance that a
horses needs as a student mattered as much the humans needs.

Lee's legacy to all of this is in her writings in which she hoped would carry on her work when she know longer
could. She has left us all a great gift in her articles and Book "Easy Gaited Horses" to carry on her work so al
l have success in their journey of the horse.  Most important to Lee was that each horse has a chance to receive
the quality of life deserved while serving our needs.

Lee Ziegler did her job well, and her work will continue on long after the rest of us follow her in the next piece
of eternity. No greater gift could a teacher leave the horse and those that have chosen the way of the horse to live.

Till Later My friend,
Elizabeth Graves 2006

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