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Bits for Fox Trotters

Body Position and Gait

Emergency Brakes!!

How to do Your Own Conformation

Analysis for Gait

How to Use a Pelham Bit

Walking Horse Biomechanics,Stepping Pace

and the Spirit of Dressage

Bits for Gaited Horses


Cure That Pace

Equitation for Gaited Horses

Flat Foot Walk

Front End Conformation

Front End Conformation,Babies

Increasing Reach and Speed in the Flat walk

Making Contact

No engagemant of the Hindquarter

in the Icelandic Horse

Rear End Conformation

Riding The Gaits

The Fox Trot and It's Variations

The Upside Down Horse

Training for Trail Riding 1

Training for Trail Riding 2

Training the Fox Trotter to Canter

Try Half Halts for Your Gaited Horse

What Gait are these Foals Performing

What Gait is this Horse Performing

What is and What Isn't a Canter

Working With Gaited Horses


Articles in The Gaited Horse

Fall/Winter 1998 Cure for the Pace

Fall 1999 Conformation and Gait

Summer 2000 Fox Trotters and

Walking Horses Can Canter

Fall/Winter 2000 Watch Your Seat

Summer 2001 Can I Longe My Gaited Horse

Winter 2001 Snow Shoes For Gaited Horses

Spring 2002 Improve Your Seat

Summer 2002 Strengthen Your Seat

Winter 2002 Collection and the Gaited Horse

Fall 2003 To Trot Or Not

Spring 2004 Lines of Communication

Summer 2004 Backstretch

Winter 2004 Understanding the Fox Trot

Spring 2005 Who Is Lee Ziegler

Winter 2005 What is the Point of Headsets

Spring 2006 Cue For Gait