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Horses live by their senses

Journeys™ primary ingredient is Lavender Essential oil and has been clinically proven to be #1 most effective product for training and calming horses. Journeys™ offer handlers a way to surround their horses with the soothing scent of lavender … in the stall, on saddles and blankets, on riders’ cloths and hands and on their horse’s muzzle. Horses will feel more relaxed and associate good experiences with riders.

According to Elizabeth Graves, internationally renowned clinician, trainers and multi-breed judge, writer, 2nd generation equine professional’ Journeys™ is a great tool to use when a horse is traveling in a trailer, riding in a new unfamiliar areas, or during stressful situations. The horse creates an association with the lavender scent he already knows and can associate with good experiences”.

Liz letting horse smell lavender

Elizabeth Graves adds,
“For training sessions, Journeys™ develops a horse’s focus and attention negating the need for the handler to use harsher methods during training sessions. It is an amazingly effective tool.”




Calming Lavender™
Muzzle Oil Rub™

Product_MuzzleOil_Bttle&Box_150.jpgSoothing oil applied directly on the muzzle designed to relax and calm to assist in training and ease tension in stressful situations.

General Usage Instructions
A lightweight, non-greasy treatment. FOR HORSES, pour into hands and rub into muzzle to ease nerves and enhance training. FOR RIDER, keep your own bottle at home to rub into skin before riding or training.
Price: $22.00
Shipping in USA: $7.95

Calming Lavender™

Ranch & Stall Spray™


Product_Ranch&StallSpray_B&B_150.jpgA gentle spray that can be used on tack equipment, riding clothes and around trailers, riding and stall areas to promote calm.


General Usage Instructions

FOR HORSE, spray on blankets, training areas to ease nerves and enhance training. FOR RIDER, spray on riding clothes, linens and around your home.


Price: $20.00

Shipping in USA: $7.75


Calming Lavender™

Pure Essential Oil


Product_EssentialOil2_B&B_150.jpgAids in keeping horse calm and focused during training, and vet and farrier procedures.


General Usage Instructions

FOR HORSE, rub into tack, reins, saddle. FOR RIDER, diffuse as an aromatherapy fragrance in stall area or in your home.


Price: $32.00

 Shipping in USA: $7.95



Training Essentials


Product_JOURNEYS_TACK KIT FNL_150.jpgAll three Journeys™ products packaged together for easy carrying and barn storage.


Price: $74.00

Shipping IN USA: $9.95


Sharon and Rita

Watching you use the Journeys lavendar oil on many clinic horses, I was intrigued by the positive reactions,  so I tried some on my horse.  
When I first  opened the oil bottle under my geldings nose he became comically curious.  He continued to stay near me hoping for another whiff, what a character he is.  Use it often now, something about the soothing lavendar aroma that I like and he likes creates a connection between us. 
Find it calming to take brief lavendar inhale right berfore I do my Tai Chi set.  Mellow is how it makes me feel.  Think that is how it affects my horse too.   Thanks, would never have thought to even try lavendar oil in this way.     



Jane and WhoodieLavender is a plant with a variety uses that come in many forms. My favorite of these is as an essential oil. Thanks to Liz, I’ve found how well Lavender oil works as aroma therapy with horses. It has a calming effect on them and seems to help them focus on what they are learning; they also just plain love it! I have seen horses almost beg for a “hit” of lavender.
It was very helpful in the training of my Spanish Mustang, Jugueton. When he first arrived at Shades of Oak he was used to treats as a reward, Liz replaced that reward with a sniff of the Lavender Oil. She used the oil at the start of the lesson and at various points during his training session, both as a reward and to help him focus, sometimes he would seem to ask for the Lavender if he was confused or looking for an answer.
Since discovering how well the Lavender works on horses, I have incorporated its many uses into life here at our ranch and a bottle can be found in most of the pockets of my (many) barn jackets as well as in the barn and arena. It goes along in the horse trailer and is now something I wouldn’t be without.

Jane Greenwood

Zen Cowboys Spanish Mustangs