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Here is a great Video set for the American pleasure rider of the Icelandic Horse! This is also a valuable tool containing information applicable for riders of all the gaited breeds.This is a recording on video of the Icelandic Horse Gathering clinic with gaited horse expert, Elizabeth Graves. This clinic was held in California.
If you are into natural horsemanship and finding a true partnership with your Icelandic horse, you will enjoy and thoroughly appreciate the contents if this VHS set.

To be clear : This is the VHS, the movie of the clinic. The CD is a slide-show presentation of the clinic along with many pictures of the Icelandic Horses-- it's eye candy for the Icelandic Horse fan to be sure.

For CD order Information click on the CD button at the home page. This VHS set is a non-professional product; recording and editing being done thru Paso Robles High School A/V class. The reproduction is professional done by DCA Duplication. There are more than five and a half hours of tape on three VHS tapes which are  $65.00 plus $5.00 shipping within USA, additional cost for international shipping will be applied.

At the gathering, Liz introduces the concept of the "Saddle Tolt" gait, which is a slow version of the tolt. It consists of an alternating two -hoof, three hoof support sequence instead of the one-hoof, two hoof support of the true tolt. This version of the Icelandic's smooth saddle gait is much easier on the horse ( because one leg does not bear the full weight of the horse and rider) and is used by many American Pleasure riders who find their horses perform and prefer it.

Liz maps out key conformational points on several horses during the clinic.

Who is Elizabeth Graves you might be asking? Liz Graves is a dedicated advocate for the naturally-gaited horse. She is a gaited horse judge, clinician, trainer, competitor, and pleasure rider with a keen understanding of equine-boimechanics and conformation. Liz's methods and philosophy is to always give priority consideration to a horse's conformation and natural gaiting tendencies. She then helps the gaited horse owner build on those two, basic criteria --without gimmicks or artificial manipulation -- in developing their horses strongest, smoothest saddle gait. Each horse is viewed as an individual, regardless of breed or what they are "supposed" to do.

Liz has a gift for teaching owners how to ride their gaited horses in a sound and stress-free manner to this end. She is passionate in her quest to end the "cookie cutter" mentality regarding how various gaited horses should move based on the fad and fashion of their respective show rings.. Her admiration and respect for the equines she encounters is obvious. This is so refreshing to find in the gaited horse world, and is so needed.

Disclaimer: All contents of this video material is solely the opinion of Elizabeth Graves and is to be taken as such. Use of any information, techniques and applications specifies on theses videos is done so at your own risk.

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