The Deep Workers in Horsemanship

Written by Elizabeth Graves 2006  ©

In defining the levels in horsemanship we know there are the surface workers and the deep workers and most will remain surfaces workers by choice and it's always a matter of choice and being conscious.

Below is my description of the deep worker:

The deeper level of Horsemanship is an evolution in self-discovery.
It's about true maturity, not dictated by age but by experience and awareness.

To achieve the deeper levels one must not only understand the horse for what it is, but must also understand them selves for what they are as a human.

It's like an awakening; one becomes conscious of ones strengths and weakness.

One does not feel ego over strengths or defeat in the weakness but an acceptance in knowing a balance of both.

This makes one real. It is what it is.
One must work through both.